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Diving Equipment Specialties manufactures stainless steel water jets used by treasure hunters and commercial divers to move large amounts of sand and debris off a wreck or work site. This easily-controlled hand-held jet is a near zero-net-thrust design - otherwise it is so powerful that a diver underwater could not hold it down !

The water jet is a useful accessory for the water dredge package, where it can be used for final cleanup of a worksite, or against materials on which the dredge is less effective, such as packed clay and loose debris. It is fully compatible with all hose fittings in the dredge package. The water jet may be purchased as a single part, or as a complete system with pump, hoses, and all fittings. The price for a Diving Equipment Specialties stainless steel water jet starts at approximately $890.00 for the jet alone, as shown above, $2,200.00.

With Enrique's water jet we were able to work an area of the Oregon that would not have been as productive with just the dredge. We were able to blast a hole  very quickly and accurately with the jet. Enrique truly makes the best shipwreck digging tools on the market.

-- Dan Berg - noted diver, author, historian, and captain of the Wreck Valley

The Diving Equipment Specialties Water Jet is made for lawful underwater salvage only. Verify the legal status of any shipwreck yourself before removing any articles.