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Captain Dan Berg:
Longtime New York wreck diver, boat captain, explorer,
historian, and author of many well-known dive guides

photo: Christina Young
Captain Dan Berg (left) and Enrique Alvarez assemble the
water dredge while on the way to a dive.

I first met Enrique Alvarez while diving off the late Capt. George Hoffman's dive boat - Sea Lion. Enrique was mating for George at the time, and it didn't take long for a new friendship to form. Enrique is a big powerful man who loves shipwreck exploration. He is also one of the hardest workers and most productive artifact hunters I have ever seen! These are all the attributes I like in a wreck diver.

In addition to this, Enrique is also an innovator. I noticed this the very first time we met on the Sea Lion. He had made Capt. George a new stainless steel bracket and reel for his down-line. Soon, I began to notice other improvements all around the boat, all custom-made in stainless steel. Before long, Enrique showed me one of his best ideas. It was a stainless steel wreck diver's hammer. Enrique had even stored a chisel inside the hammers handle. This simple yet ingenious idea instantly became a hit, but his hammer was only the beginning.

One day Capt. George invited me out to do some digging on the Emerald Wreck. He said Enrique had built him a new water dredge. Capt. John Lachenmayer ( from the Sea Hawk ) and I went on the dive, and instantly fell in love with the new tool. For years we had been fanning the sand by hand or using scooters to blast away a few inches at a time. Enrique's new dredge dug a hole in a short time that you could bury a Volkswagen in! 

I'm pretty sure I was Enrique's very first customer after that - John and I wanted our own dredge just as soon as Enrique could build it. Enrique's dredge not only changed the way we dive, but increased our artifact production ten-fold. I now even have customers who are spoiled and refuse to go in the water without it! 

Enrique has gone on to make custom dive ladders, benches, grappling hooks, and other fine products. Over  the years, it seems that all you have to do is mention stainless steel to any Jersey wreck diver or dive boat captain, and Enrique's name instantly comes up. It is my pleasure to recommend my good friend Enrique Alvarez's innovative products to any wreck diver who wants a quality stainless steel tool. You will not find a better-made product.

Safe Diving
Capt. Dan Berg
Aqua Explorers Inc
R/V Wreck Valley


Captain John Chatterton:
Commercial and technical diver, leader of many offshore deep wreck expeditions, and discoverer of many new shipwrecks.

The bottle rack that Diving Equipment Specialties fabricated for my Buddy Inspiration rebreather has worked out extremely well. I have mounted a 13 cf bottle in the rack, and this acts as my source for suit inflation as well as a secondary source of oxygen ( I use about a 60% Nitrox. ) Aside from providing a secure out of the way mount for the bottle, it also stands the unit up a little higher while I am getting suited up. For me this is much more comfortable. Thanks for you help with the design, and the great job of fabrication. I can't imagine diving my Buddy without this thing.

The four dredges that you made for use on my construction job at Battery Park City in Manhattan have worked very well. Because the site is remote, it has been extremely valuable to minimize breakdowns. I wish I could get everything else on the job to work as well as the dredges you built for me. Thanks.

John Chatterton

Just want to let you know that the platform and ladder are a huge success. All the divers I've had on the boat this year ( and there were many ) are singing the praises, as am I, of the new platform and ladder you built. What a piece of artistry. Thanks for making this dive season the best we've had.

Frank Kaiven
Captain Jake's Sweet Marie

The Buddy Inspiration Bracket has been a great evolution for my rig. It is heavy duty and well put-together, like all Diving Equipment Specialties products. It solves the issue of excessive buoyancy with a drysuit, and allows me to fine trim the unit simply by adjusting the tanks slightly up or down. Additionally, I can use whatever tanks I have, and I no longer have to rely on the non-DOT-compliant European tanks that come with the unit.

Best of all, I no longer have to take the entire unit apart to change the scrubber or the tanks. One rugged SS clip give me complete access to the "inside" of the unit.

R. Todd Smith
IANTD Technical Wreck IT #10
PADI Course Director #21162

Our Diving Equipment Specialties ladder and benches are the best in the business. They are built to hold up under the rigs of heavy metal tech divers, as well as designed for easy use by the most petite divers.

Capt. Dan Crowell
Deep Explorers Inc