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Diving Equipment Specialties offers a range of corrosion-proof marine products for both private and commercial charter boats.

Our two most popular small-boat products are Wreck Grapnels and Line Reels.

Inquire for other products or custom fabrications.


Wreck Grapnels

Diving Equipment Specialties standard ( left ) and heavy-weight ( right ) wreck grapnels.

Why use a heavy rusty rebar contraption or an ineffective sand anchor to go fishing or diving ?

A wreck hook doesn't have to be huge and cumbersome to be effective. You will quickly appreciate the compact design, easy handling, and neat stainless steel construction of a Diving Equipment Specialties wreck grapnel.

  • Standard model is for boats up to 30 feet in length. Overall length is 18", tines are 9" x 5/8", weight is approximately 10 lbs.

  • Heavy-weight model is for bigger boats. Overall length is 24", tines are 12" x 3/4", weight is approximately 20 lbs ( more or less, depending on the size of the boat. )

Standard model retails for $235.00 Custom wreck grapnels are also available.



Trail Line Reels

Two views of Diving Equipment Specialties trail line reel.

Diving Equipment Specialties trail line reel conveniently holds 300 feet of 1/2" polypropylene line, useful for floating trail and rescue lines. The reel swivels around the base, allowing deployment of the line in any direction, and is also removable. Reel dimensions are 20" width by 12" diameter. Base dimensions are 2" x 10". Construction is stainless-steel and gray PVC. May be supplied with or without line. Price as shown is $850. Inquire for larger or smaller models.