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Turn your boat into a dive boat !

Diving Equipment Specialties designs and builds custom stainless steel dive boat ladders that are second to none. Among the many area dive boats that already carry a Diving Equipment Specialties dive ladder are:

Charter boats:
  • SEEKER - Brielle
  • Blue Fathoms - Pt Pleasant
  • Sea Lion - Brielle
Private boats:
  • Depth Charge - Brielle
  • Cop Out - Brick
  • Sweet Marie

Diving Equipment Specialties dive ladders are of open " T "-style or "Christmas Tree" design. This makes them far superior to conventional "H"-style ladders, because a diver can climb a " T " ladder with fins on - a tremendous safety and convenience feature. In addition, all our ladders are generously wide for stable climbing in rolling seas, and have knurled (crosshatched) rungs for secure grip and footing. Hand rails, steps, and landing platforms can be added as needed - each of our ladders is custom-designed and built for the individual boat and customer. See below for examples.

Diving Equipment Specialties dive ladders are extremely heavy-duty - more than strong enough to support a 400 lb fully-geared North Atlantic tech diver in even the roughest seas. The center post is 2" x 2" square tubing, and is supported away from the transom by a support shoe (When required) or arm. The single-piece rungs pass completely through the center post, and are 1.5" diameter by 9" long on each side, with a 6" knurled surface. Landing platforms are constructed of extremely tough no-skid fiberglass in a stainless steel frame.

The standard Diving Equipment Specialties dive ladder is one-piece with 6 rungs, as shown in the drawing above. This ladder is approximately 66 inches long, extending 3-4 feet underwater. Our ladders are sold with all mounting brackets and necessary hardware for installation. Pricing for a typical ladder like this is approximately $1,350.00 + S&H. If you require something more elaborate, please contact us to discuss details.

Standard Swim Platform Ladder

A removable six-rung dive ladder ( see diagram above ) mounts to slide out of a bracket under the swim platform.  This typical Diving Equipment Specialties dive ladder is 66" overall and weighs less than 35 lbs.  All of our ladders have machined knurled rungs for a secure non-slip grip.

Custom Folding Swim Platform Ladder and Mounting Bracket.

Diving Equipment Specialties swim platform folding dive ladder.
Up ( left ) and down ( right. )

This ladder mounts to the bottom of your existing swim platform. The lower, folding section of the ladder pivots into a socket below the hinge for an extremely stiff and strong joint. The hinge is built with a 3/8" pivot and a self-locking pin for the down position. ( See detail at right. )

This ladder also has a stainless steel hook built in for the up position. The whole unit slides into a locking receiver built into the mounting bracket, making it easy to remove the entire ladder when desired.




Below: Byfold Ladder in the down position.

By-fold Ladder in the up position.

Outboard Transom Ladder


Outboard-powered boats present a number of difficulties in mounting a usable dive ladder. Side mounting is a poor option, since the roll of the boat can make the ladder difficult or even dangerous to use, but transom mounting is complicated by the placement of the engines.

This custom-designed Diving Equipment Specialties ladder shares the transom on the sport fishing boat Sweet Marie with not one but two 200 hp Yamahas !

The included swim platform is permanently mounted to the hull. The ladder pivots up for travel, and is easily removed when desired for fishing or other activities. ( see detail below )





Another Transom Ladder

Detail of swim platform and hinge assembly. The ladder brace runs the full length
under the swim platform. Simply pull the locking hinge pin to remove the ladder. The
removable part of the ladder weighs approximately 35 lbs and is 76" overall

Specialty Ladders


The 65' offshore charter dive boat SEEKER's 11-rung super-heavy-duty Diving Equipment Specialties dive ladder, with custom transom platform and hand rails.

At left, SEEKER's dive ladder in its upright and stowed position - known by customers and crew as the "Stairway to Heaven".

Mounted on the boat in 1998 - this was one of the first dive ladders constructed by Diving Equipment Specialties. Our designs have undergone considerable refinement since then, yet this ladder continues to stand up to the heaviest use in the industry, all the while winning rave reviews from happy divers.


SEEKER's Diving Equipment Specialties ladder in use. Even Doria divers with double 120's and stage bottles have no trouble exiting the water.



The private dive boat Depth Charge, sporting a custom-made Diving Equipment Specialties dive ladder.

This ladder simply flips down through the open transom door, supported by the attached landing platform and a sturdy brace built into the back of the ladder.

Minimal mounting hardware and modifications are required for the boat, and the ladder is easily removed when desired.

Even with the attached swim platform and brace, this ladder weighs only about 45 lbs.





The Sea Lion, carrying a Diving Equipment Specialties side-ladder.




Diving Equipment Specialties folding, over-transom dive ladder on the charter boat Blue Fathoms. ( 35 foot Henriques )

The fixed upper part of the ladder includes tall handrails and a landing platform, and and was built to mate with existing mounting brackets on the hull.

The lower, folding section of the ladder pivots into a socket below the hinge for an extremely stiff and strong joint, yet is also easily removed when not needed.

The pivoting section weighs approximately 30 lbs, and stows flat when removed. The upper section is also removable.

So what are you waiting for ?

Get a Diving Equipment Specialties dive
ladder for your boat today !