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Inspiration Rebreather Accessories

InspirationSimple and reliable, the Inspiration rebreather is the most popular closed-circuit rebreather in the world. However, the plastic case of the unit has a number of drawbacks: servicing and inspection of the gas loop is needlessly difficult, and the choice of cylinders and harnesses is severely limited. The plastic case is also prone to breakage, does not permit the unit to stand up on its own, and has no provision for accessory or bailout bottles, canister batteries, and other items.

Diving Equipment Specialties offers a range of products for the Inspiration rebreather. The standard Inspiration chassis below is available now for $480. The old-design chassis is available as a special order.


  • The Aluminum Inspiration Chassis is a one-piece unit crafted from 5/16 aluminum that is molded to fit the Buddy Inspiration within it. The Buddy Inspiration is securely bolted to the chassis at six points.
  • When lifted by the carrying handle, the weight of the entire unit is supported by the aluminum chassis. Holes for mounting the Inspiration weight pouch are provided.
  • The bolts for the backing plate are no longer loose. The chassis through-bolt holes are threaded for 5/16 bolts, included with the unit.
  • There is a provision for a 5 bail-out bottle ( or other attachment ) within the bottom of the chassis, and another at the top.
  • The chassis comes with two worm-drive high-torque hose clamps and an assortment of fasteners to cover a number of installation options.

Finally, your Inspiration can stand on its own !