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InspirationSimple and reliable, the Inspiration rebreather is the most popular closed-circuit rebreather in the world. However, the plastic case of the unit has a number of drawbacks: servicing and inspection of the gas loop is needlessly difficult, and the choice of cylinders and harnesses is severely limited. The plastic case is also prone to breakage, does not permit the unit to stand up on its own, and has no provision for accessory or bailout bottles, canister batteries, and other items.

Diving Equipment Specialties offers a range of products for the Inspiration rebreather. Our flagship model is the Inspiration Chassis - a complete replacement for the Inspiration's plastic outer case and frame. For those on a smaller budget, we offer the Inspiration Bailout Bracket.


Inspiration Chassis

Latest News from Enrique

I have made some major improvements to the Inspiration Chassis:

  • The stainless steel unit is fitted with a titanium four-position adjustable-height bottom cage to compensate for different divers of different heights. The backing plate can also be mounted in 3 different positions.
  • The unit comes with a square brass manifold that attaches to the inside of the chassis with marine grade Velcro. This manifold has more outlets than the stock one on the Inspiration, since no space is wasted for the mounting screws.
  • You will see two holes in the bottom of the chassis, with rubber grommets. These are for the hoses to run through to the inside of the unit and protect them from getting damaged.
  • The new stainless and titanium models will be available with an optional under-arm bottle mounting bracket. The whole bracket will be detachable when not needed.

Compared with the old Inspiration Chassis below, the new model is lighter, simpler, more streamlined, and more adjustable. The unit in the photos below is stainless steel, but I am also making them in Titanium. The stainless model weighs 20 lbs and the titanium model weighs 12 lbs.

Note: photos below are of the old model Inspiration Chassis, now replaced by the new model above.

The Diving Equipment Specialties Inspiration Chassis is the complete solution to all of the stock Inspiration's shortcomings. It is a complete replacement for the factory body and frame of the Inspiration rebreather. Gas cylinders, scrubber, and all other components are safely and securely mounted in a convenient, sturdy, streamlined form, and mounting points for extra cylinders or other accessories are provided. The Diving Equipment Specialties Inspiration Chassis adaptable to any harness or BC that accepts a standard two-bolt double-tank mount. Finally, a sturdy base holds the unit upright at a convenient height for donning.



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The Diving Equipment Specialties Inspiration Chassis is the complete solution
to all of the shortcomings of the stock Inspiration rebreather. Click image to enlarge.

Front View - Click to enlargeSide View - Click to enlarge
Front and side views of the Diving Equipment Specialties Inspiration Chassis.
Titanium model shown; stainless steel is identical. Click images to enlarge.

As any Inspiration user is aware, the Inspiration uses small, internally mounted non-DOT-approved cylinders for oxygen and diluent. The Diving Equipment Specialties Inspiration Chassis improves upon the factory Inspiration by providing not one but two sets of external mounting points for cylinders. The primary mounting points, alongside the scrubber housing, will accommodate any size tank - from the stock Inspiration cylinder to resort or rental AL80s. It is designed, however,  for the OMS 46 cuft low pressure steel cylinder, as shown. The auxiliary mounting points, outboard of the primaries, allow mounting of smaller cylinders ( including the stock Inspiration bottles ) or other accessories. The auxiliary mounts feature a quick-release mechanism to allow fast configuration changes.

Cylinder Mounting ( Click to enlarge )Quick-release mechanism ( Click to enlarge )

Front views of the Diving Equipment Specialties Inspiration Chassis, showing
cylinder mounting  and hose routing ( left ) and detail of auxiliary
cylinder quick-release mechanism. ( right ) Click images to enlarge.

The Diving Equipment Specialties Inspiration Chassis offers far greater flexibility in use than the stock Inspiration. For deep technical dives, the auxiliary mounting points may be used for diluent and bottom mix, while the main cylinders may be used for bailout gas. For shallower, long-duration dives, the mains may be used for both bottom gas and bailout, having ample volume for both purposes, while the auxiliary mounts may be either left empty for streamlining and lighter weight, or used for Argon suit inflation, canister batteries, etc.

Since the main cylinders are mounted externally, they may be adjusted up and down for perfect trim. Main cylinder mounting is either by stainless steel band clamps ( standard, shown ) or regular scuba cam bands ( optional. )  The quick-release auxiliary cylinders are mounted with band clamps.

Back view ( Click to enlarge )Scrubber cannister mounting ( Click to enlarge )

Back views of the Diving Equipment Specialties Inspiration Chassis closed ( left )
and open ( right ) showing scrubber canister mounting. Click images to enlarge.

The scrubber canister and other internal components are protected by a streamlined 1/16"-thick  shroud, which replaces the easily-damaged plastic cover of the stock Inspiration. The scrubber shroud hinges down with the flip of a finger to allow inspection or maintenance of the canister, without disturbing the tanks. The scrubber canister is held in place with a nylon scuba cam band.

The Inspiration Chassis is constructed either from 300-series stainless steel or grade 2 titanium, and is made for the rugged and severe use of North East wreck divers. The stainless steel model weighs approximately 25 lbs, offsetting the buoyancy or the rebreather and reducing your weighting requirements considerably. The lightweight titanium model weighs approximately 15 lbs, still much less buoyant than the stock Inspiration, and ideal for travelling. The unit is designed to be fitted with a regular OMS or DiveRite back plate or any soft-pack harness or BC that accepts standard two-bolt doubles, or the original Inspiration harness.

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More views of the Diving Equipment Specialties Inspiration Chassis.
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Inspiration Bailout Bracket

Bailout-bottle Bracket for the Inspiration Rebreather

Manufactured in titanium or stainless steel, the Diving Equipment Specialties Bailout Bracket for the Inspiration rebreather allows convenient out-of-the-way carriage of a 14-19 cu ft pony bottle for emergency use should the rebreather fail - something no diver should be without. The bracket also lifts the rebreather up to a comfortable height for donning while seated, and allows the rebreather to be stood upright by itself on a level surface. The bottle clamp has a large hand knob for easy removal and replacement of the pony bottle without tools.

The stainless steel bracket weights 2.2 lbs while the titanium model weighs just over one pound. The standard backet holds a 19 cu ft pony bottle; custom sizes are also possible. The Diving Equipment Specialties Inspiration bailout bracket comes with all necessary hardware for installation, and requires minimal modification to the rebreather.



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