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Navy Mk 15 Rebreather Accessories

Diving Equipment Specialties manufactures titanium and stainless steel accessories for the Mk-15 / 15.5 / 16 series of rebreathers. Shown above is a bailout bottle bracket / lower backing plate ( above ) and an upper backing plate ( below ). The bailout bottle bracket allows allows convenient out-of-the-way carriage of a 14-19 cu ft pony bottle for emergency use should the rebreather fail - something no diver should be without. The bracket also lifts the rebreather up to a comfortable height for donning while seated, and allows the rebreather to be stood upright by itself on a level surface. The bottle clamp has a large hand knob for easy removal and replacement of the pony bottle without tools. 

Front and back views of a Mk-15 rebreather set up with the Diving
Equipment Specialties
backing plate / bailout bottle brackets,
web harness, 19 cf bailout bottle and classic wings.

Although it is not necessary, when both pieces are used as a set as shown above, they replace the standard Mk-15 harness, giving a closer and more comfortable fit. The lower backing plate also has a crotch strap slot for use when scootering.

The stainless steel bailout bottle bracket / backing plate shown weights 3.5 lbs while the titanium model weighs just over 1 lb. The standard backet holds a 19 cu ft pony bottle; custom sizes are also possible.

The Diving Equipment Specialties MK-15 bailout bracket comes with all necessary hardware for installation, and requires minimal modification to the rebreather. Please contact us for prices and specs for the Mk-15 accessories.