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Hammer & Chisel Set

The original diver's hammer with
the chisel concealed in the handle.

Imitated but not duplicated.

Since it was introduced in 1992, the Diving Equipment Specialties Hammer & Chisel set has set the standard in its class, with superior features that assure you of years of corrosion-free heavy-duty use. This popular item, also known as the "Enrique Hammer", is our #1-selling product, and its quality of design and manufacture is attested-to by the many divers who already use it, and the manufacturers who have tried to copy it. It is simply the best underwater tool of its kind available.

The 4" by 2" hammer head is machined from a solid billet of 304-series stainless steel, giving the hammer a weight of approximately 6 pounds - a serious underwater tool. The 9" handle is made out of 1" stainless steel tubing that is knurled for a sure grip, even with heavy underwater gloves. A threaded bushing on the end of the handle receives the matching chisel for storage. A generous hanging-loop at the top completes the package.

The design of the screw-in mounting in the hammer handle protects the internal threads from foreign matter while in use, but should the hammer and chisel ever become jammed together with sand or other material, the knurls on the chisel's end-cap allows them to be separated with ordinary pliers.

The  8" long chisel is machined out of a solid 5/8" diameter 17-4PH forged stainless steel stock - which has the same anti-corrosion qualities as the 304-series stainless. Like the hammer handle, the chisel shaft is knurled for a secure underwater grip, and the point is milled, not cast. The threaded end-cap on the chisel contains a center button of milder 316-series steel to absorb a lifetime of hammer blows without breaking, allowing us to temper and harden the chisel shaft and point to a 44 Rockwell C hardness. This hardening process also increases the rust resistance of the 17-4PH stainless steel, making our chisel almost impervious to salt water corrosion.

Only the Diving Equipment Specialties Hammer & Chisel set has this unique stainless steel chisel. Our imitators use ordinary cold steel chisels that are readily attacked by seawater, with predictable results - a rusty mess that shortens the life of the tool.

Order your Diving Equipment Specialties Hammer & Chisel set direct from the manufacturer. This top-quality product sells for $220.00 + $18.00 shipping and handling (Within Us borders). Custom orders are accepted, and small variations from the standard dimensions can often be accommodated at no extra charge, but will require an extra two weeks for delivery.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the Diving Equipment Specialties Hammer & Chisel set, you may return it for a full refund.

Please contact us with any inquiry you may have about our products.

The Diving Equipment Specialties Hammer & Chisel set is made for lawful underwater salvage only. Verify the legal status of any shipwreck yourself before removing any articles.